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Arlino is a lion that gets captured from a Savanna and sent to a zoo! When he gets there, he hears guards talking about returning to the Savanna in 3 days. Follow Arlino throughout the day while he plays some games and explore his new "Savanna".When it gets darker Arlino has some time to explore the zoo and ask his new friends about a certain key and door to return to his Savanna. But the animals aren't really straightforward with the answers, so Arlino must be quick and precise to find the right exit and key! Otherwise the truck will return to the Savanna without him.

Trail of Arlino made by:

  • Developer - Diogo Ferreira
  • 3D Artist - Hugo Moreira
  • 3D Artist - Mariana Domingos
  • Narrative Design - Filipe Tomé

Global Game Jam website:



TrailOfArlino.zip 42 MB

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